Whats The Plan?

Lets enjoy the outdoors again!

Rock up with your besties, and savour some of the best food and drink that our countryside can produce in the wonderful rural setting of a working farm in Berkshire . . . quaff that cider, slaver over that sausage & baby wipe up that tomato sauce!

Chill out to some great vinyl vibes, listen to some cool live music, put flowers in your hair, get the glitter out, and live with the Facebook pics for the next year!

If cider is not your ‘tasse de thé’ we have an entire plethora of other offerings to take your fancy – Pimms Tent, Prosecco, Real Ale and unusual Gins.

We won’t get into the history or provenance of either cider or sausages, less contentious issues have triggered the most vicious debates in culinary circles - but we can tell you this – whatever France and their ‘Sidre’ have to say, us Brits are the largest consumers of cider, and almost 60% of the apples grown in this country go to make it, and we love it!

So come and join us, Sausage N’ Cider on the Farm SATURDAY 7TH AUGUST 2021



Your Own Space To Relax In

The event arena is divided into ‘bubbles’ – marked out into 3 meter circular plots that are 2 meters apart. The space is yours for the day, and will accommodate up to 6 people. So when you book your plot, you will be issued up to 6 free entry tickets that will be linked to your plot & managed by QR code.


It is essential that you understand social distancing guidelines when attending this event ( 

Plot choices, from £50 to £70 (not including booking fees) 

  • The plot on its own comes with up to 6 admission tickets 

  • Plot plus Table & Chairs comes with a sturdy plastic table and up to 6 garden chairs, plus up to 6 tickets 

  • Gazebo plot. You can erect your own (max 3m x 3m) gazebo. This includes up to 6 tickets, and will be located towards the perimeter of the arena.


Onsite parking is available for £4 per car. Cars can be left overnight but must be collected between 11am and 4pm the following day. The parking is located in the adjacent field, with disabled parking closest to the festival gate. 

Please note that the ground is of uneven surface!


Have a look at our FAQ tab for more information, do’s and don’t’s, and contact the organiser of you have any questions that you can’t see covered. We are here to help. 



Enjoy With Confidence

The safety of both our customers and our staff is our priority and we would like to give you more detail about the precautions we are taking with regards to Covid-19. 


SAFETY is of the utmost IMPORTANCE.

  • All plots are to be allocated and will be limited to 6 individuals per plot which are individually spaced a minimum of 2 meters apart

  • Maximum attendance levels to keep social distancing within the venue

  • Queuing systems at all outlets to promote distancing measures

  • Contactless payments available by all stall holders 

  • ALL staff will be wearing PPE

  • Free hand sanitizer throughout the venue

  • Toilet attendants working full time to disinfecting cubicles before and after use

  • Litter pickers working to remove disposable items safely with picking tongs.


I love a


Where do we start?

Lincolnshire, Gloucestershire, Pork & Apple, Vegetarian, Butifarra, Botifarra, Frankfurter, Bratwurst, the Hot Dog or even that culinary challenge, the Andouille – we all have our favourites. Closer to home we have the Home Farm, where even our very own Royal Family serve an sell the best of British sausages to voyagers from near and far . . . we can’t get enough of them

The provenance of the sausage is hotly contested, but it seems to us that chopping up some of the tastiest parts of the meat, packaging it in its very own tube, and sticking it on a stick in the camp fire must have kept some of the hungriest Neanderthals happy . .

We will be serving an abundance of sausages of all varieties, and of course if sausages just aren’t your thing, we have all sorts of other tasty street food available, including vegetarian and sweet treats

What are you waiting for?


Its all about the



Its all about the




We need a suit of armour to discuss this one! The topic of cider is fraught with argument over which is best, and where it comes from originally.

We can tell you this – originally, apples were sour, not to be eaten directly off the tree, so someone had the great idea of fermenting them. Real cider making is an art, a craft, and a skill developed over many generations, and pukka cider makers have good reason to be disparaging about the commercial ciders who borrow the moniker.

Real/proper cider or Perry (my personal favourite and referring to pears and not apples being the fruit of choice)

Come and talk about your love of cider to some of the people who really know their apples, and who have chosen some of their favourites for you to tipple.

And of course . . if cider is not your thing, or if you love it, but seek variety in your life (!) we have a great extended bar offering, commensurate with a great British outdoor summer party

What are you waiting for?



A Delicious Variety Of Food Available, Not Just Sausages

Obviously there will be sausages, lots of sausages at the event. We will hosting some fantastic food stalls that will be offering a wide range of different sausages for you to enjoy!


But if your not one for munching on a sausage then don't worry! we have handpicked a selection of other fantastic local food vendors to cater for your different tastes throughout the day.  These will include BBQ, pizza, ice-cream, sweet treats and more! Vegetarian options will be available. 

We pride ourselves on using local businesses for our events, and are so happy to be able to support those who have found the last year in lock-down a challenge for their business. 

Another great reason to come and join the fun!



#Let The Music Play

No event would be complete without some music! 

We will have vinyl DJ's playing some cool summer vibes as well as some great sets from some of the best acoustic acts from all over the country playing some well known classics in the background to spice up the day.